March 2, 2018

What’s happening a week after the crowdsale

It has been a week of transition since the crowdsale. We’re now ready to close crowdsale-related topics and fully dive in to business development activities.

Here’s a quick update.

Crowdsale / Token

Round A contributors – the ones who have been with us the longest – have received their airdrop. If you were a Round A contributor, please check that your DEBs are multiplying.

We are transferring DEB tokens to those who have contributed using fiat. I believe we will do all the transfers today or early next week. If you did contribute fiat, please make sure you send your personal details to [email protected].

Next week, we hope to send out all DEB tokens for bounty program and affiliate program participants.

Mid-March is approaching, and so is the announcement of our next exchange listing, so keep an eye on your inbox!

Business Development

We have started to hire people for our target markets. Currently, they are doing in-depth analysis of their markets to make the best market launch strategy. The first large market that we are analyzing is Turkey.

We have updated our multi-language channels and are working to ensure constant presence on our main Telegram channel. This will mean that questions will be answered in a constant pace even post-crowdsale.

We are also finalizing the first design / UX for version 1.0 “ABRA”. We will receive an alternative design later, which will give us options to choose from.

Additionally, we’re having discussions with other blockchain projects to see if collaborating can reap mutual benefits, while also bringing more value to the Debitum Network ecosystem and its members.


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