Yet another annual audit – completed

In September 2023 Debitum completed a comprehensive audit from Grant Thornton International, where the adequacy of measures implemented by Debitum was assessed to ensure compliance with the requirements of the Financial Instruments Market Law on the separate holding of financial instruments and funds of the investment broker and its clients.

Annual Audit Highlights:

  • Debitum internal regulatory enactments were reviewed to verify that they align with the requirements of the Financial Instrument Market Law and MiFID II (Markets in Financial Instruments Directive 2014/65/ES).
  • checks conducted to verify that client funds and financial instruments are being held in a separate bank account ensuring that these assets are never utilized to satisfy the claims of Debitum creditors.
  • interviews with the management team were conducted to discuss platform internal regulatory procedures and daily operations that include regular KYC actions from Debitum compliance team, daily bookkeeping from accountancy, and active communication with investors by the support team.
  • agreements between the platform and clients were examined.
  • competence and reputation of platform Loan Originators were assessed, ensuring their trustworthiness.
  • finally, the presence of a dedicated compliance officer, who manages daily compliance procedures, was confirmed.

A Positive Evaluation:

“We are delighted to share that the audit results for 2023 were positive. The audit found no significant irregularities, and our financial statements were deemed accurate and compliant. The outcome validates our commitment to transparency and reinforces our position as a trusted investment platform,” shares Debitum CEO Henrijs Jansons.

See the official statement on the completed audit from Grant Thronton International (document in Latvian) HERE.

Meet Our Auditor:

With its headquarters in London, England, and a presence in the Baltic States since 1992, Grant Thornton is renowned for its expertise and integrity. Find out more about the company – click here!

Stay tuned for more updates at Debitum.

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