February 5, 2018

Yet another milestone: Debitum Network concluded DEB tokens listing agreement with Lykke Exchange

Hello, Debitum Network community,

Debitum Network crowdsale continues successfully. During the first week, we have raised almost 7000 ETH and have reached the Bonus Step 5. Even having taken into account the drop in the ETH course, we already have raised almost 7’000’000 USD (private pre-sale + round A + current round B). This is excellent news for the whole community.

We already informed about the finalized an agreement with Nebula Exchange on Debitum token listing. We have some more exciting news – we have concluded an agreement with the Exchange for Lykke DEB tokens listing. DEB tokens for Lykke Exchange will be released on February 26.

Lykke is building a secure, fully regulated, blockchain-based global marketplace for the exchange of all financial assets. Founded by Richard Olsen of OANDA.com, and encouraging participation from all users, the Lykke Exchange levels the financial playing field through direct ownership of assets and immediate settlement of trades. For more information, visit https://lykke.com. According to coinmarketcap.com information, Lykke Exchange’s daily turnover is around 200 BTCs.

The Debitum Network crowdsale has not even reached the middle, and we are already developing the product and have concluded agreements with two exchanges on DEB tokens listings. We do our utmost best to deliver the product as soon as possible, become the market leaders and ensure DEB tokens liquidity. We strongly believe how the combined actions we intend to take will become the determining reason for the highest DEB tokens demand.

As we have informed you previously, currently as much as 70% market’s new issue tokens are listed nowhere, and thus contributors’ input money remain frozen, and may eventually become lost. Debitum Network contributors can be certain that this situation won’t occur. Our work with exchanges’ will be continued and we want to assure that the latest exchange to list DEB will certainly not be the final one. We are starting to cooperate and enter into negotiations with the leaders of the exchange market.

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