Debitum pre-Christmas insights

November and part of December have passed under Triple Dragon 6-year anniversary sign – with great offers from our Loan Originators and many interesting activities which at some point relates to our investors’ investments.

Here are our Top 4 insights of the pre-Christmas period

No1 / Withholding tax reduced to 5%

This autumn Latvian government in a very untypical fast-paced manner has passed the law changes related to withholding tax. Since the 14th of November withholding tax for private individuals from EU/EEA countries is reduced from 20% to 5%.

In addition, since the law changes are in place, the taxation process is simplified, as investors now must confirm their tax residence once and for all. No certificates and additional documentation are needed. More about the topic please find HERE

No2 / Support to Investoru klubs conference

On the 12th of November, one of the biggest and fast-growing Latvian private investors communities “Investors club” (Investoru Klubs) organized its first conference. The event gathered more than 200 active investors, industry professionals, and experts.

Debitum was delighted to support the event and participate in panel discussion where Debitum CEO Henrijs Jansons and Mintos co-founder Mārtiņš Šulte shared thoughts about P2P industry challenges and further development scenarios. We will continue to support local and global investors’ community initiatives.

No3 / Triple Dragon 6-year anniversary – special offer available and lottery

A month without some special event wouldn’t be a completely great month. One of our biggest Loan Originators – company Triple Dragon took care of the reason for the small party. 6-year anniversary was revealed and a special offer – investing at an increased rate of 10% p.a. and lottery – was revealed. More than 1100 investors appreciated the reason and joined the celebration by investing in Triple Dragon assets, but a special Christmas gift – Play Station 5 – traveled to Germany (read more HERE).

We are looking for the next reasons to “light up” all upcoming months in 2023.

No4 / Another audit of the platform – done

As a licensed platform, Debitum must regularly conduct internal and external audits. The latest external audit was performed by Grant Thornton International in October 2022 (in November we received a summary of the audit).

The subject of this audit was to inspect how well are managed investors funds and to examine platforms’ procedures and financial records compliance with Financial instruments market law (FIML, Latvia).

In short – the evaluation of the audit showed Debitum procedures and operations are in line with FIML requirements and that our investors’ funds are in secure hands. More about the audit you can find HERE

Thank you for trusting us with your savings! We promise to keep taking good care of them also in New Year!
Debitum Team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Wealthy New Year. “

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